MECHANICAL division provides comprehensive services, from basic design, drawings, fabrication and assembly, through to installation.

We are actively involved in

  • Fabrication and erection of steel structures for O&G industry
  • Valve installation and replacement
  • Mechanical and equipment installations

Moreover SAT Mechanical division is specialized in the Packaged Modular Building Solutions as follows;


One of the major issues everyone facing related to Packaged Control Rooms / E-House / Power Skid is the management of multiple vendors involved in delivery of a complete packaged unit. SAT has solved this issue for its oil & gas clients with its Packaged Control Rooms / E-House / Power Skid solutions.

SAT not only performs the control system part of the project leveraging on its rich oil & gas automation expertise but takes it a step further and performs a lump sum turnkey project. The containerized solutions not only decrease construction hassles but also help in timely project completion for you. By choosing our Packaged Control Rooms / E-House / Power Skid solutions, Client can reduce their headaches with seamless integration and installation of the complete packaged unit.

An e-house is a pre-fabricated electrical substation building, fully equipped with medium / high voltage switchgears, low voltage switchboards, bus bar trunking systems, UPS systems, transformers, HVAC, Fire and Gas and auxiliary equipment. Supplied to site as a fully connected and tested package, e-houses are the perfect solution for sites where site access is problematic for climatic, security or personnel housing reasons.

For Control Rooms- Control Systems and DCS equipment can present some unique challenges, so should you require a pressurised module that is provided with a fire suppression system and HVAC with chemical filtration. You can be assured that each Control Room provided by us will meet the rigorous demands of the international regulatory bodies and related certification.

Be it Substation Modules or Electrical Skids, our skid packages are complete integrated solutions that are manufactured and tested at our yard for installation in remote locations. Dependent upon the installation location, Skid Packages may require characteristics such as Certified Fire Rated Walls, be required to operate in an atmosphere that demands ATEX certification or have special HVAC requirements. All of these solutions form part of our core product offering in which construction methodologies are prior type approved.

Please note that our products are highly customizable according to client’s requirements and needs. Our e-houses in general consist of the following items.

  • Containers (to house all the electrical equipment)
  • LV / HV / MV Switchgears
  • Power Transformers
  • Protection and Control Panels.
  • Bus bar system
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • AC / DC Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

  • Battery Packs
  • Programmable logic controls (PLC)
  • Power and lighting systems
  • Heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Smoke and gas detection systems
  • Access control systems (P.A.G.A.)
  • Fire and Gas systems (extinguishing)

Depending on clients needs we also install other systems such as earthing systems, cable trays and other accessories.
All components are skid-mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired and enclosed in order to minimize on-site installation scope and risk.
We often field-install and commission the equipment we provide so that we can deliver a turnkey single-source solution.

Finally clients will have a complete and integrated solution.